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Wilson ADP failure -- Top This!!

I bought a new Wilson Combat ADP for a carry pistol two weeks ago. I really liked the weight and balance when loaded, the 10 + 1 capacity and 9 mm caliber, it fit very comfortably IWB (no sharp edges like the Bersa it replaced), and the shop let me put a magazine through one they were using in a poker shoot. Remarkably accurate for a small gun, and the recoil was pleasant, almost revolver-like with minimal muzzle flip.

I put 50 rounds through it and noticed that the pins on the slide and the rear of the grip assembly worked out about 1/4 of the way. Curious. I tapped them back in on returning home. They came out again the next trip to the range, and the shop suggested that I shoot it one more session and they'd return it to the factory if it happened again. (I still love the way it shoots and carries.)

Today, I went to the range with my 642 in my waistband, planning to shoot the pins of the ADP loose and send it in. Imagine my surprise when, on the
4th or 5th round, THE SLIDE WENT DOWNRANGE! We shut the range down, the RSO retrieved the slide and spring, and I apologized to everyone for having obviously assembled the pistol carelessly. I carefully reassembled the pistol, checked to see that I had done so, racked the slide a few times before loading it, and proceeded to fire again, with the same result: the target was hit, the case was ejected, the next round was chambered, and the slide continued forward 25 feet! This definitely alters the weight and balance, let me tell you.

So the pistol is on its way back to Wilson Combat. I am sure they will fix it, but with what? The stamped steel parts seem delicate, though I can't see anything broken when compared with the shop's poker shoot gun (which, they say, had been sent back to the factory for dropping mags). I bought this as a carry gun -- good thing this happened on the range, huh? What would it take for any of you to trust it for such duty now?

I don't want to be unreasonable, but I'm thinking of asking the shop to credit the $600 towards a Kahr or PPS. What do you think?
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