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Ban the side saddle.

Now we have medical testimony to ban the side saddle.

NASHVILLE DAILY UNION, September 23, 1862, p. 1, c. 7

How Shall Ladies Ride?

In view of the increase of equestrian exercise among our ladies this becomes an important question. Dr. James C. Jackson, in his recent work on Consumption, contends that there are insuperable objections to the usual style of side-saddle riding. The position enforced by it, he argues, is injurious to the system, having a tendency to produce crooked spines, irritation of the spine, congestion of the lungs, and of the liver and kidneys. This is a formidable list of diseases, but it by no means, according to Dr. Johnson [scratch in film] the evils consequent on the usual style of riding. Truth to say, a lady's position on horseback can not be called a natural oneā€”but what would you have? You wouldn't have a woman ride astride, would you? "Yes, I would," says the Doctor, and then goes on to show, by actual instances, that ladies [scratch in film] to ride at all in the present manner, owing to its hurting them so much, have become strong and well by riding as men ride. Mexican women ride astride, and the Doctor recommends that we adopt their "barbarism" in this respect. It only requires a pair of pantaloons, which, after all, many of the ladies have no insuperable objection to putting on! The Doctor confidently reckons on the coming of the time when men will see "what an outrageous abomination the present style of riding for women is, and it will pass into desuetude, and be reckoned among the follies of a previous day." So you see what you are coming to, ladies!
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