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It would be interesting if a corroborating account could be found in the antebellum anecdote.

DAILY CONSTITUTIONALIST [AUGUSTA, GA], August 18, 1864, p. 1, c. 2
A Female Mallady [sic].—A re-union with an old friend with whom we campaigned several years ago, has brought to mind many pleasant memories. One of the most laughable and ridiculous was one that occurred to Maj. John L. Morgan, Quartermaster in this city. At Fort -----, where he was stationed, Indians visited constantly and in large numbers, making the place a familiar rendezvous. One evening the Major received from the Post office Department a large supply of Uncle Sam’s postage stamps, which he placed in a box in his quarters. These Indians were in the habit of going where they pleased, and appropriating anything that took their fancy. That evening, whilst the Major was absent on the parade ground, an Indian squaw, in prowling about the quarters, discovered the postage stamps. These creatures were not very luxurious or fastidious in their habits of dress, yet they would wear all the finery they could pile on. This squaw especially, whether because of poverty or choice, seldom wore any article of dress except a few brass finger and earrings.
In a few minutes she appeared on the parade ground with her naked body completely covered with United States postage stamps, admiring herself with much gusto. Screams of laughter greeted her appearance. The Major rushed to his quarters and discovered his loss, but he consoled himself by proposing that if she wished to be mailed, she should go through, as she was pre-paid to her full weight.—Atlanta Intel.
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