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supporting hand Intense light?

I wish I'd paid more attention when I saw the TV ad for this, but has anyone heard of this?

An extremely Intense blight light that wraps around a supporting (or free) hand that switches on and off again (when needed) and blinds and intruder?

It was on a secure strap that was positioned on the "free Hand" in a way that would not hinder that hand from being a supporting hand (with usual 2 hand grip)....or could be held away from the body, if wanted to not give an armed intruder your body or firearm location.

It could be turned off and on with at "free hand" and was said to be blindingly intense to give you a shooting opportunity, if the situation was such.

Has ANYONE heard of that?
And WHO makes it?.....WHERE I can buy it online, Please?

If you can read this,...Thank a TEACHER,
And since you are reading this in English...Thank a SOLDIER.
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