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AK mag change question?

I know probably not the perfect forum to ask this question BUT there was an article last month in SWAT about AK training:
I have taken "carbine" classes under a couple noted trainers and used an AK and an M-9 preparing for overseas areas (was the only one!So I took some razzing). One trainer showed the magazine change on an AK as:
Grip the fresh mag with the support hand while palming the AK with firing hand depressing mag release, strike the depleted mag with a horizontal stroke with the magazine rib in the support hand until the empty mag is stripped forward and out. Insert and rock into lock the fresh mag.
Now I can do this pretty quick but I found instantly I had to lose the front vertical grip on my prefered AMD 63 to do this. Is this the proper AK reloading sequence somebody like UMMMM Pat Rogers reccomend?
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