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The Lee Factory Crimp die is different than either roll or taper crimping. What this die does is squeeze the round and put a factory-like ring around the case for a crimp not at the case mouth, and not in the taper style. Probably for this reason alone, other manufacturer's don't make one of these dies and don't wish to. They believe it's neither natural nor productive to ring brass outside of the factory, especially if you do it to the extent that it deforms bullets.

For my buck, I don't have one and haven't used one. I can tell you that if I did have one and it otherwise made my handloads feed more reliably, I'm sure that I would love it. But I haven't had any trouble with the regular seating/roll crimp die in .45, and even though I also own a taper crimp die in .45, I haven't found the need to use it. Could be that my pistol just eats up my ammo.

I've just started handloading for 9mm and I haven't taken my first trials to the range yet. If I find myself with feeding issues, I may explore a separate taper crimp or even the Lee FCD to help me. But until I have that problem, I don't see why I need to add a FCD to my bench.
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