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You Tube instructor...

Anyone ever seen this guys videos before?

He has a lot of training videos (all short because hes limited for time) but theyre VERY informative. I wish I could learn tactics and techniques as he teaches. I can watch his videos all day long, but without someone to practice on, they wont help me.

This guy is living proof that knowledge is power, and size doesnt matter. If you have proper training and common sense, the smallest guy can take down even the largest assailant. This is where Id like to be. Id like to be able to say that Ive mastered a technique to disarm or takedown an assailant in any given situation. Must be nice to know how to defend yourself based on knowledge, and not sheer size of muscle

I'm sure these wont really impress any of the LEO's on the site, but for the average joe like myself, I think theyre pretty amazing and educational
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