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I bought a 1894SS brand new two months ago, LOVE the way the gun looks, cycles nice when your not trying to shoot it, but once you start it will want to jam when you try to extract the bullet and again when you are trying to load the next one, so when you try to take the lever down and again when you almost have the lever back up, I have to rip on it as hard as I can to try and get it to do anything, sometimes you have to take the lever off, at first I thought I was being to gentle, but even racking it as hard as I could I just won't cycle, I put 150 rounds through it and gave up, sold it for what I paid for it and plan on buying a new one as soon as they are available, think I will be calling Marlin on this. You shouldn't have to send a gun back, should be right the first time, were not just talking about a little batch of guns here....
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