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Here's good reason to crimp on the big bore revolver cartridges. Talked with a fellow this weekend whose friend didn't crimp his 454 casull properly. When fishing on a small stream he was charged by a brown bear. The first round went into the animal's shoulder and the second never went off because the bullet jumped forward and jammed the cylinder. The bear took off into the brush and was not seen again.

He later figured out he messed up the crimp. Actually I'd never carry my own reloads for self defense against critters or other dangers. I know I could mess them up and am will to pay the 35-40 bucks to get a small box of factory ammo.

I just started reloading for my s&w 500. I seated the bullets too deep on the first 20 of my reloads. One jumped forward on a relatively lite load. After fixing the crimp this weekend all went off without a hitch.

Crimp? Yes.

I'm also in favor of the Lee Factory Crimp Die. I use it when I load for 45 acp and love it.

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