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Gawd should have struck down that place over a century ago.

DAILY CONSTITUTIONALIST [AUGUSTA, GA], April 26, 1864, p. 4, c. 2
Too Many Babies.—The San FranciscoBulletin, in an article, says that “dead babies are found of late in an abundance and quite appalling—they are found everywhere, on corners and in cellars. It seems impossible for a man to dig potatoes in a garden, or excavate a post gate in his front yard, without turning up some little innocent that has been dumped there without coffin or shroud. Yesterday the body of a baby was found lying at one of the wharves in a tin can. Had it not been for this crowning revelation, this article perhaps would not have been written. But when it comes to canning babies, putting them up, so to speak ’for exportation,’ as though they were oysters, shrimps, cauliflowers, green turtle, or jellies, it becomes time to remonstrate. Formerly children were scarce in California. If the supply has become so large that the domestic market is overrun, and foreign exportation has become a matter of expediency, the fact is surely worthy of mention. Last evening, too, the body of a child four or five years old, and apparently as many days dead, was found on Geary street, near Hyde. But this incident of simply finding these unbound and unclaimed little volumns [sic] is too common of late to excite attention or demand remark; it is only when they are canned that the inquiring and indignant pen claims a right to scratch the public ear.—Hermetically sealed babies, carefully prepared, to keep in any clime! What a label for a can, and what a libel on humanity!
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