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I know this is an old post, but I've experienced the "Marlin Jam" on the same rifle, more than once. I have an 1894 .357. I bought it new back around 1996. It jammed on me several times, requiring me to disassemble the lever, sometimes in the woods. I shoot my own reloads. It would jam, without shooting at all, just with bullets in the magazine.
Since it was new, the shop where I bought it sent it back to Marlin. Cam back and worked fine, until yesterday (ten years later).
Again, I was shooting reloads, and again, it jammed twice. Fist time I was able to use a small screwdriver to take the pressure off the tube magazine. The second time was unsuccessful and I had to bring the gun home from the Range and remove the Lever since I did not have my gunsmith screwdrivers at the Range.
I searched the net, found the above noted fix, and did it today. I cycled R_P brass through it several times. I also found the Marlin Jam MAY be common with R-P Brass. It jammed on R-P Brass, both times. Maybe when Remington takes over Marlin they'll fix the problem!
Anyway, I have six othe Marlins and never had this problem.
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