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Glad they did not shoot me!

Well here is one for you shoot first guys. I was in ND hunting and we stayed in a small town of 11 people. The shower was broken in the place we were staying. No big deal the lady who owns the place we were staying told us to shower at her place. Its the third trailer on the right. Well i went to the third place on the right and went in like i was told and hit the shower. just as i was getting out a guy was hollering at me and threatening to shoot me. I told him i meant no harm and told him Liz sent me to shower. that calmed him down. i threw on my pants and went out and talked to him. It seems her directions were a bit off. I had the wrong trailer house. She counted and old dilapitated travel trailer not a real trailer house. any way we all had a great laugh and all was well. they came over to the bar and i bought them dinner. After that they told me i could use thier shower for the rest of the weekend and we all just laughed our asses off. If he would have been a trigger happy commando i would be dead and over what??? Luckily he was smart enough to know when he needs to pull the trigger and when not to. he just stayed outside while the sherrif was in route. when he heard who sent me and why he put it all together and knew it was cool.
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