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No soap, ask Norm Abrams for help...

Yankee Workshop can give you all you want; yours for the asking.

SAVANNAH [GA] REPUBLICAN, August 1, 1863, p. 1, c. 2

A Substitute for Soap.

Editor Savannah Republican:
As soap is very scarce and dear, it will be a great relief to our noble soldiers and their families, and so the public generally, to inform them that saw dust will clean the hands and face better than soap, and in half the time. This is particularly the case with blacksmiths and those that are used to heavy work.
In places where saw dust is scarce, a hair sifter should be used to pour the water from the washbasin to catch the saw dust, as it can be used over again as often as you please, either wet or dry. By using this economy a peck of saw dust would wash a regiment of soldiers for years; and it has another advantage, it does not smart the eyes like soap. [rest of article torn off]
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