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I will most likely trade it or sell it. Its not that it wont take care of mostly everything on this continent. It's that I want a different caliber to shoot. In my mind the 7mm mag is a glorified .270. This comparison is based off of factory loads. If you look at the 140gr and 150gr bullets the .270 and 7mm are almost identical. The only advantage the 7mm has is able to load 175gr bullets. Look at winchester's 150gr SP's. At 500 yards the difference in energy is only 25 pounds and velocity is only 20fps to the good for the 7mm. When you look at the 140gr loads some .270's actually out perform the 7mm.

What I am trying to say there is nothing my 7mm can do my .270 can't. So I just want something else to shoot for the sake of shooting, hunting(bigger or larger game whether it be here anywhere in the world) etc.

As far as a .338 I have been wanting a .338-378wby for sometime. I just love everything about it. Its one of my favorite wildcat cartridges. Its energy and velocity at long ranges are amazing.
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