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Guys who are firearms enthusiasts should be a little more tolerant of other people who enjoy the same pastime. There's enough negative aspect shoved down people's throats about firearms as it is without doing it to each other

Do I dress like a GI when I shoot my M1? No. But if the range rules said I had to and that's where I had to shoot I'd be wearing pinks and greens

But see, just going to shoot my rifle for fun doesn't have that type of rules. CA shooting events have them

if you want to compete, you wear the uniform. Same as Football.

Am I wearing shoulder pads in the stands? No

If I'm on the field do I need shoulder pads to play? yes

Same thing. if you don;t care for it...don't participate. But it seems to me very foolish to belittle other firearm enthusiasts for not being "cool" or something. There's plenty of people who want to take away my right to own a firearm. We're all in the same boat. A little unity might be nice, or even expected. Don't like the uniform? Don't play. maybe it's being overlooked that if you ain't dressed for it, you ain't competing. I'm sure golfers don't wear cleats at home but I think they dress funny on the course...doesn't mean I'm making fun of what they wear to play, or that I imagine they are squares or something becasue they wear that golfing get-up
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