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Weapon Shield CLP and my Thanks to All

Hey ya'll,
I just wanted to take the time to say thanks to all of you for the tremendous response to the Weapon Shield CLP and the great things you have all said about it. I also wanted to say thanks to all of you who have sent me your well wishes over the last 2-3 months that I have been ill. It is much appreciated as were your prayers and thoughts.
I am back on my feet again, and hopefully will be here for a long while.
We are preparing for the SHOT Show and plan on seeing all of you there, who will be attending. Our booth number is 30057. PLEASE stop by and see me. I'd love to visit with as many of you grat folks as I can in the 5 day time that we'll be in Vegas. Denny Hanson will be there too in the SWAT Magazine booth, so dont forget to stop by and see him too (like THAT would ever If you've never met Denny, you are in for a real treat. What a great guy and a TRUE veteran of Law Enforcement, dedicated to the men and women therein.
Many folks have asked me if the free offer of Weapon Shield CLP is still in effect. Since June, and after 6 months, over 10,000 samples and postage, we have to bring it to a close and start to recover our efforts. With sales on the rise, thanks you so many of you, who gave it the most extraordinary and vibrant reviews of its kind, we are looking forward to 2008 with a great amount of enthusiasm and growth.
If you never have experianced the WS-CLP, then read right here on this forum, what folks have said about it and dont be afraid to try it. It wont let you down, by any means.
And lastly, but by no means leastly, I want to thank Denny for allowing me the opportunity to bring to you all, the best product of its kind; a product that saves soldiers and officers lives who put them on the line everyday, in battle abroad as well as on our streets. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to them all, and Denny for allowing us to get the message out to you.
Also, we will be advertising in SWAT, in the very near future, as I spoke with Denny yesterday and will be getting our ad in right after the show. It's not just because Denny allowed me to expose the WS-CLP here, but because SWAT Magazine is the VERY BEST Magazine of it's kind, hands down, reaching Law Enforcement, Military, and the public sector. I know that from previous experiance when I used to advertise the FP-10 on a regular monthly basis.
Once again, thanks to all, and my best regards to you,
George C. Fennell
Steel Shield Technologies, Inc.
President-Technical Division
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