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Both of those items have receivers though. Where is the receiver in the Electra?
Also, what toy manufacturer manufactures the circuitry and where is the information coming from?
Has there been any scientific testing that verifies even the remote possibility of a misfire with the CVA ignition system?
It's one thing to be concerned and to form a personal opinion, even if only based on fear or a gut feeling, but any scientifically unsubstantiated claims are just that...unsubstantiated.
I know someone who recently bought a brand new Browning O/U shotgun that misfired by the simple jiggling of being carried. He was approaching downed game with the safety off at the time it happened. Luckily it went off and fired into the ground in front of his foot. We're all suppose to know through basic firearms training that mechanical triggers and safeties aren't fail proof.
It's simple enough to turn off the battery pack when loading if one wants to, and even to pull the trigger on an empty barrel afterwards. If there's established evidence that the loading procedure, or any other aspect of the design or components is potentially unsafe when loading or using this CVA Electra rifle, then let's see it and examine it.
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