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Good Morning!
Thanks for the kind words! I take this very seriously, and after watching the babble that goes on in the dramanet forums have always felt that solid info is worth more then social meanderings.

We have been marking guns for over 15 years now. It is the only way you can be sure that what you have is where it needs to be, every time.
I use a Sharpie (aqua generally, and that is what is on the 416). It won't last forever, but during maintenance cycles i'll re touch it.

My issue with fixed stocks is - specifically- the A2 stock. Too long by a bunch, puts people in a bad fighting position. The collapsible stock gives you options not available with an A2 stock.
The Sully stock is a perfect fixed stock- the right length, strong and well designed.
I usually run my stock closed while wearing armor (open to the first notch while slick), but in prone, like it out a little farther.
I get tired of the "you can't buttstroke with a collapsible stock" gang. There are ways to strike someone with your gun, and buttstrokes are not among the better TTP's, for obvious reasons.
It is a poor excuse for a non ergonomic stock.

I use the Loctite provided by Larue. You don't need much, but what he gives you is sufficient for the purpose.
The Larue mounts are the absolute best there are, and for good reason...

In the Feb08 issue i have an article on Offset, which dovetails in to the RDS article.
Another one down the line will be about RDS failure, and while rare, you need to train for it.

Again, i appreciate the feedback!

Pat sends

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