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Jan 08, Pat Rogers on Red dots.

I loved the article on Red Dots. I always flip through the new issue of Swat to see what Pat Roger's has to say. I always hope that it is an article like this or his checklists. One day you need to put together a binder of your training articles. You may at your classes. I wouldn't know since every time I sign up for one or think of signing up a court calendar will come out and keep me from going.

Anyway, I am glad to see other folks writing all over their guns. I have been doing this for years to the consternation of my friends. I figure, its my damn gun, I'll write on it if I want. What type of marker are you using on that 416?

Finally, I noticed some grouchiness regarding people who disfavor fixed stocks. I can understand, coming as you do from a military and police background, the use of body armor is a serious concern. But wouldn't a short fixed stock be optimal for a civvy (one who doesn't wear armor, I mean)?

O.K., really finally, What type of loctite do you use on your Larue Aimpoint mounts? Mine came with a little tiny bit in a plastic cap.

Again, hooray for SWAT. This looks to be a really good issue. I will be taking more smoke breaks at work this week--and I don't smoke.
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