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I took a CVA sidelock to the range today for the first time. I had the same problem with CCI #11. The first pull of the trigger, nothing on every load, the second time I pulled the trigger no problem.

This is my first BP weapon. I had fired rifles and revolvers previously on a couple of occassions.

I was reluctant to put too much pressure on the cap, I don't know how sensitive they are. I reload so I am not too gun shy around primers, powder etc. Just want to be safe. I did not use a capper, I put them on by hand. Could that be the problem? I imagine using a capper would allow me to press the cap more securly. (Just thought of this)

This gun was never fired before. I built this from a kit recently. I purchased it several years ago and finally took it down from the shelf and put it together.
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