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I got a few comments on this one....

First, the name on the circuit board comes back to a Spanish toy maker...that in itself is reason for concern.

Next, the alleged "safeties" are all on the control side of the electronics and not on the high voltage output side - that fine and dandy to prevent accidental trips caused by operator error however if the HV is not interrupted, none of them will prevent an accidental firing caused by an exterior source.

The gun rag article claims it safe against static electricity but did not mention anything about magnetic, electromagnetic or radio frequency. There are many naturally occurring as well as man-made sources of electronic interference that can play hell with electronics. It's one thing to have a permanently mounted piece of equipment and say it is protected against static discharge because the shielding can be attached to earth ground in a manner as to redirect any such discharge away from the internal components. The rifle is not going be bonded to earth ground thus they must rely upon the external housing to provide static discharge protection. Problem with this is that the external shell can itself be energized since while in normal use it will be completely isolated from earth ground. Earth ground bonding will protect against RF radiation only to a given point - your computer and cash registers are protected by a bonded metal shell, use your very low power cell phone near them and see what happens. Lastly, even a solid earth ground bonding connection cannot provide any protection from magnetic/electromagnetic forces that can easily induce electrical current flow into any conductive material.

Magnets occur naturally in the environment. Power lines are everywhere. Radio and radar signals are everywhere. Anyone remember the big power outage in Canada and the northern US several years ago - caused by sun spots that were strong enough to blow out the very well protected electrical distribution grid yet there was no direct contact of any kind.

It's got to be 30 years or more people have been trying to develop caseless ammo for the military that is fired via electric discharge and none of it has ever been adopted because in all those years they have never been able to produce a housing that will protect against discharges induced by external sources. The only ones that have shown any promise are the ground mounted multiple load units and even they are susceptible to magnetic and electromagnetic safety issues.

Any gun can discharge accidentally but adding the electronics to it simply increases the risk from sources you can't even see or feel. Just consider how many wonderful electronic devices you have owned that have crapped out for no apparent reason and ask yourself if you're willing to take the same chances with something capable of discharging a bullet when it decides to crap out? Not me, that's for sure!
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