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I got back into Bp pistols a few years ago with a SS ROA; only with adjustable sights. I think most of your questions have been answered quite well. I have both the conical and round ball mold and cast with pure lead; the round balls print a tighter group, am going to try a LBT ball bullet, saw someone shooting with these at the range and he was getting a 1" group at 15 yds. LBT makes molds only. I had a kit gun as a teen, single shot Kentucky in 45 that took many rabbit and a few armadillos. If you get the fever bad you'll need a few spare cylinders, there's an aftermarket that works well (I've got 3) and a cylinder loader (get a quality one) so you won't spend so much time reloading between 6 shot groups. I have othe pistols, but I bring the Ruger to the range every time I go, just to fire a few rounds.
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