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New holster

I just picked up a holster for my 1 7/8 " J frame . It's a Bianchi minimalist , in black . It fits the gun perfect and I didn't have to wait 2 years to get it . I did have to reorder it though . Gander Mountain opened a new store right down the road from a local hunting , fishing store , where i get most of my guns from . I stoped in and found this holster in brown and bought it . when i got home i went on line and saw they made it in black , so i called GM and asked if they could get it in black , they said yes , that it will be here in 9 days . I kept calling and it is still was not here after 3 weeks , so i called the little local store and asked if they could get it , they called me yesterday and told me it was in , it took them just over a week to get it . Moral of the story don't let the big names like Gander Mountain run the little guy out of business because you will not get the same service from them .
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