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definitely grease the nipple screws when you remove for cleaning. teflon pipe thread grease does well. a tip for powder measure is that a 7.62X39 (AK OR SKS cartridge) is about 32 grs. I load it with 3F and a .32acp caseful of 4F under it as a 'primer' load it seems a little hotter charge. I use Lee mold slugs I cast. this load has some 'whomp' to it. shot a wild/feral pig a little over 200 lbs with it. complete pass-thru. it ran aways, I shot too far back but still got both lungs and there was a blood trail after about 100 yards. when I found it in thicket about 200 yards on it was near dead but I stuck another slug into base of skull/neck.
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