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Congratulations and you made a great choice. I have the 7-1/2" as well as the newer 5-1/2" and great shooters. Aside from Ruger building their handguns by the pound, These Old Army's are very tough. I have others and these are the best built. Both of mine take a number 11 primer and suggest you get a spare set of nipples for future use. I build my own loading stands and suggest you buy or build one. Eventually you might want a spare cylinder but I don't have one for mine. As far as a starter kit, just make a list and buy what you need. You can also shoot conicals in these and I run my own lead and mostly shoot round ball as they are a little easier to load. I shoot American Pioneer powder in FFFg. Your pistol will come with a nipple wrench so for now, you won't have to buy one. Don't forget your wonder wads. I know you are going to love shooting these. Be safe !!
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