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tn, sounds like you`ve built a few potatoe guns. thats what we used to use as igniters on them(and a few cannons) got to agree with the point raider2000 stated as i too have been in automotive and electrical field for about 35 yrs. have seen many FAILSAFE SYSTEMS fail. i`m sure the engineers at cva have run the electra through the mill testing and have installed safety features as articap informed us on. i also work on supposedly FAILSAFE SYSTEMS all the time developed and tested by main auto manufacturers. one thing for sure i have learned through experience and schooling on electronics of anykind is that moisture and TIME are truely AN ENEMY of electronics. stop and think a minute how many guns you own 50 to 100yrs. old. another thing is, the more complex you make something mechanical(which includes a gun) more chances of something failing.just hope this particular rifle if it fails,( and i`m sure a few will, its mechanical) does not shoot at all rather than discharging by accident. as mykeal stated"we all need to be on the same side". thats true. as gun owners WE DON`T NEED ANY BAD PR. time will tell.
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