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I have purchase Rocky Boots for the past 30 years, but will never purchase another pair, and will try to discourage anyone else from buy them as well. Rocky use to make their boots in Nelsonville, OH. I have visited their store many times in the past. They now manufacture ALL their boots in China, that’s right, China. The last pair I bought was a $190 pair of Para Boots 9” uppers with zippers. I wore the boots for 3 months and the soles on both boots began to fail. I paid cash for the boots and didn’t (think I needed to) save the receipt. I went back to the shop I purchased them from and without the receipt they couldn’t help me. I called numerous times to the Nelsonville store and sent countless e-mails to Rocky with no help. In frustration, I took the boots to a local shoe repair shop that has been in business for 50 years. After looking at the boots, he laughed and told me he would try, but said he wouldn’t hold out much hope. He said the Chinese use something in their rubber compounds that he has not had any success re-gluing. After 2 months and 4 different adhesives the repair guy calls me and said he gave up. So now I have a brand new pair of $190 Rocky Para Boots with no soles. I will sell them cheap if anyone is interested. Size 11. Buyer Beware, Rocky boots have turned to CRAP!!
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