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Reliabilityman , I hunted for many years with an old TC Hawkin .50 cal muzzle loader. During that time I harvested many, many deer using a .49 round ball and 110 Grains of black powder. I have hit deer too far forward and shatter the front shoulder as well. The key is to wait (at least an hour) before tracking a deer if you know you hit it too far forward. Chances are the deer will run 100 yards or so, and then lay down and bleed out. If you begin too soon, the deer will run out of the county before finally giving out. I found the conical bullets to be too heavy and not nearly as accurate as the round ball. I could hit clay pigeons at 100 yards with the old Hawkin back “in the day”. My suggestion would be to up your powder charge a bit, and then practice, practice, practice. The set-up you are using will do the job when it comes to harvesting deer.
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