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Thanks, Capn Charlie, I remember you had mentioned it before, which is what got me initially interested. I had/have owned 2 or 3 Timex Triathlon compass watches, but they get scratched up, have very few features, and the compass seems to be unreliable. This Casio gives quick, precise, easy-to-read compass readings. With its recessed crystal, it's less likely to get scratched, AND when/if it does get scratched, it's an expensive enough of a watch that it will actually be worth it to fix (repair / replace) - with the Timex, it was as easy to buy a new one as to spend time buffing out scratches on the old one, at $40. I honestly don't yet know the material that the Casio crystal is made of, and I cannot tell by looking - I hope that it's glass, so that it's more resistant to scratching, but it may be plastic. In any event, I'm very happy to have the solar power, atomic synch, barometer & altimeter. The thermometer may come in handy as well.
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