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Hi Harley and Gary,

Thank you for your responses.

Closer examination of the winchester 22 shows it is a model 1906. It shoots shorts only. The stock is in fair to good condition and the surface of the barrel has lost most of its bluing, but has no rust or pits. The interior of the barrel is as clean and spotless as new.

As for the Stevens. It is a single shot. The only number on it is near the trigger where one can see B 854.

I was told my grandfather carred this shotgun with him in his truck when he was a young man in Nebraska. According to my mother, during the depression he killed many a pheasant from the road with this little gun. It may not have been sporting, but for a dried out farmer trying to hang onto his land it put meat on the table.

I shot 410 shotgun shells form this when I was a kid and shot my first pheasant with it. Now, on closer examination, I don't think it was a good idea to shoot .410s from this gun.


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