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Here's the Rocky Mobilite that was my second choice:

And here's another Rocky I found online that wasn't in the stores, which looks like it would be a really nice boot for my needs, except the toe is aluminum, not steel - the "Hauler Waterproof Trail Crazy Horse" (helluva name for a boot):

It looks comfortable, stylish, and has the aggressive hiking style outsole I was looking for.

ScottZ, I will say that that Danner Instigator GTX 6" looks really strong, but it's pricey, too:

Honestly, I think that Crazy Horse would have been about perfect, and is actually better looking than the Georgia's (and Instigators, too), but I wanted instant gratification, not waiting for an online purchase delivery, so I'm keeping these Georgias. But I might snag the Crazy Horses too at some point.

Chindo, that "World Worker" Rocky is a nice choice too - it's up there among my top picks from online choices, but I couldn't find it in stores either, so couldn't try it on for comfort, etc.

Added: BTW, there were half a bazillion choices of steel-toed boots which were comfortable and nice looking - the real sticking point was the aggressive hiking-style treading - that's what is the rare part to find. But I suppose looking at it another way - that had I been looking at hiking boots, I would be saying that the steel toe was the hard part to find, as there would be Zero of them in the "hiking boots" category.

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