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New Watch: Casio Pathfinder: Model PAW 1100T-7V

If you want one of these, go to a JC Penney NOW - all Casio Watches are 25% off - this one is marked $350.00 - I was out the door after sales tax for $286. I'd been wanting a Pathfinder for awhile. This particular model has the following:

1. Compass
2. Altimeter
3. Barometer
4. Thermometer
5. Atomic Clock Synch, including Daylight savings adjustment
6. Solar Powered

I liked this combination of features. Also has stopwatch, countdown timer, a full backlight, and a titanium band. It also has something called "Digital Dial Code", which I do not yet know what it is.

It's a huge beast, and the instruction manual is literally one inch thick, but it's a cool gizmo I think I will enjoy and use immensely in the woods and elsewhere. My only concern is, will the crystal get scratched in the briars & brambles?

P.S. If you're researching these, my second choice after the 1100T-7V was the 1200-1V or the 1200-3V (Same as 1100T-7V except no altimeter/barometer/thermometer, and no titanium band); third choice was the 1300T (Same as the 1200s - no altimeter, etc., but more expensive due to the slimmer design, and *does* have the titanium band). If you're an underwater diver or an open sea navigator, you'll want to look at the "Sea Pathfinder" versions - the SPF100S-1V, the SPF40-1V, and the SPW-1000-2V.
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