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Guys, found 2 boots I liked locally - had it narrowed down to the Rocky 5114 Mobilite and a model from Georgia Boot, which near as I can tell is a model "Wide Load ST Lace to Toe Boot, Dark Brown Soggy". I went with this Georgia Boot - at $70, it was $30 less than the $100 Rocky, has the Rocky beat in looks, quality of construction, and comfort, and had about equally aggressive tread.

I had looked at John Deeres, Red Wings, Danners, Rockys, Sketchers, Doc Martens, Wolverines, Timberlands, Dingos, and all other manner of boot, and the Georgia Boot came out the winner. PM me in a few months if for some reason you want an update on how I like them. Thanks for all the help.

It's sort of an all-purpose boot - hiking, casual, work, younameit. Maybe I'm weird, but I feel like the steel toe is a "why not" thing to have, provided they are comfortable (and these DO feel quite comfortable). Although I'm sure it's rare, it could in theory come in handy if a boulder or tree limb fell on your foot while hiking.

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