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Game Finder


In the hunting paraphanelia I inherited from my father, I was surprised to find this gadget called the Game Finder, made in Hunstville, Alabama.

The gadget has a plastic case and looks like a flashlight, but the lens is in green opaque and at the rear of the head is an LED window display that will light up to ten small LED lights.

The switch is a wheel on the right side and is also the gain control. This Game finder needs a 9 volt battery to work; the compartment for the battery is located at the rear of the unit.

My unit has a plastic case and is 6 inches long by 2¼'' wide. It seems that it works by detecting the difference between a normal ambient temperature and the temperature emitted by a warm body, so the unit had to be panned to detect a difference in temperature.

It is my understanding that the Game Finder is used by bow hunters that search for wounded deer. I don’t know how well it works at this, but it did show ten lights when used from my tree stand against a group of does that were eating acorns about 60 yards from my location.
The gadget comes with a camouflaged soft case and a loop for the belt. So far it seems to work as intended-- I just have to find more time to go hunting to see if it can really help to find deer.

Has anyone had any experience with this tool and its performance?


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