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Jeff22, you might benefit from loading up some moonclips with dummy rounds and having someone time you to see which technique(s) are best for you; there are two main ways of doing a moon-clip reload, and I found one a whole lot faster than the other, but that may just be me. The first way is the Miculek-style reload, where the shooter transfers the revolver to his off hand and dumps the empties with his off-hand thumb while he grabs the fresh clip with his gun hand, loads, and pops the cylinder back in to get back into business. This obviously works VERY well for Jerry, and I couldn't be qualified to carry his range bag for him, but I found that no matter how hard I practiced with it, I couldn't twist the revolver back over to the outside far enough to make dropping in the fresh clip fast and easy. So, I ended up going with the OTHER main way of doing a moonclip reload. In that method, I push the cylinder latch in with my off-hand thumb while pushing the cylinder out with my trigger-finger. Then, use the palm of my off hand to smack the ejector rod to dump the empty clip, and, while I'm bringing the revolver down to make the reload easier, I grab a fresh clip with my off hand. Drop it in, squeeze the cylinder back in, and you're back in business. I find this also ensures a consistent grip and hold, so I don't need to "adjust" after every reload. There are plenty of very fast shooters that also use this method, so give them both a try to see which works best for you.
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