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if you are using round balls. you gotta hit them right. just behind the front leg. i aim for that. if it goes an inch either way you should still hit the ribcage and get a good penetration shot to vitals. maybe try the R.E.A.L. bullets. they make a 250 and a 320 grain in .50 cal. my father and i cast our own. we probably have atleast 100 of each size already cast up in the basement. i am not sure if they are commercially available for sale. they work very well in the missouri ranger. which is like a hawken. using 90 grains of ffg pyrodex loose powder. with a 1/48" twist you may even get better results with sabots. my traditions inline was have firing problems with the first 3-4 shots with the R.E.AL. bullets last year and this year. i am using cheapshot sabots in 240 grain made by T/C. using 100 grains pyrodex 777 pellets. got a 3" group at 50 yards with them. i also have a pack of 295 grain powerbelts. didn't try them yet.
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