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Changing body type. Need new holster(s). Recommendations for Ruger Autos?

Well, after my recent tumble and hospitalization I ended up 22lbs lighter than when I started. This is creating some problems for me. My clothes don't fit right anymore (time to restock the wardrobe), and my holsters and preferred carry methods aren't fitting me that well any longer. That all being said, I have no intention of just gaining the weight back. I needed to lose it anyway, but this was a helluva way to do it .

I usually carry both my P97 and P345 in a Bianchi Minimalist OWB holster at 2:00. Lately I've found that IWB 4:00 is working better for me. It actually helps hold my pants up by making them fit my new slimmer waistline, and it's a little easier to conceal on my smaller profile. The problem is, I don't really have a GOOD IWB holster. I've got a pretty basic Don Hume leather clip in IWB and a couple of cheap junk nylon ones. (Miltech or some such). Need a better one and need some recommendations from the forum.

Anyone use an IWB for a Ruger P345 or P97 (or similar sized auto)? Which one? Pics? Where on your body do you carry it?

For reference I am 6'0" and 218 lbs (was 240 before the accident)
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