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Fenix L1d Flashlight


I am very much into lights; because of my work and traveling I employ a tactical light, the Surefire Centurion III. When I am not carrying it I have a Surefire E2e in my pocket and another light on my key chain.
The key chain light used to be an ARC AAA for years, but I exchanged it for a Fenix L1P (40 lumens) about 18 months ago.
Lately I desired one of the new Fenix L1D's, with as much as 90 lumens in the turbo mode, and as much as 25 hours of runtime on the low setting.
So finally I gave the Fenix L1P to my signficant other and ordered the new L1D with the Cree module. The light is all that it claims to be in the several reviews I read, and it is an absolute joy to use.
However, the small reflector hasn’t too much range; it is a light for indoor use where it really shines.

Due to the ample flood, I think it is a great little light to hold in your mouth while you make repairs using two hands. It would be ideal to change a tire in the car or other similar work, a lot of lumens flooding your immediate area!
Speaking of lights for the car, I have in the glove compartment a Surefire M-4with the 350 lumen lamp, and as a back up under the seat I have a Magcharger 200 lumen light that will also serve (due to weight and length) if I have to do some defensive moves without involving firearms.
At home the light next to my gun in the nightstand is a Streamlight Ultra Stinger, 295 lumens. I also own some other lights that I use for hiking and hunting, but the ones I mention here are the ones subjected to use all year round.

Coming back to the Fenix L1D, it is a great little light and probably the king of the key chain lights. It has an SOS mode and also an intense strobe, just the ticket for calling attention in a survival situation, and best of all, it works with a single AA battery available anywhere. I recommend it highly.
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