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Keeps getting better and better

I got my Jan 2008 issue yesterday, I had it read before going to bed. I normally read Awerbuck's Training and Tatics first then go back to the front. Note worthy items in this issue; Street Smarts "Little book of Life" (something you'd more likely see on the internet, but it works), Emey at the Gate "Department of Peace" and Nonviolance , "Rifle Data Made Easy", Long Guns "Corbon's DPX .30 carbine Load", and Pat Rodgers' "Running the RED DOT right".

I'd like to make comments about the last three articles. First on "Rifle Data made easy", great topic not covered by many. The handy tip of laminating your "dope" card and then attching it to the back cover, brillant! My only comment would be one log book for each gun.

"Running the red rot right" even though I don't use nor plan to use a Red Dot the article is great. This is what you get when you have a writer that knows what he's writing about.

And finally the little gem of this issue, at least for me, Corbon's DPX .30 Carbine load. Thank you, Thank Mister Thompson for me. For those that have a little M1 carbine or those planning to get one, there is finally a defensive round for it. I, like Thompson, found ammunition was limited to either FMJ, SP or Winchester's Hollow soft point. I now just need to find some.
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