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problem solved.............

i am pretty sure the problem is solved. i shot some of the sabots a few hours ago. all ignited and fired fine. shot first 2 at 25 yards at a 9" paper plate. both hit right next to each other. 4" above center at 12 o'clock. then shot 2 at 50 yards. both went 8" above plate at 11 and 12 o'clock. i adjusted scope down 6". scope adjustment is 1/4" at 100 yards. shot 2 more they went 2" above plate. i ran 2 dry patches and a bore brush through. then reassembled it. shot 2 more. they hit 4" above center of plate. 1 at 12 o'clock on plate and 1 at 12 o'clock 2" to the right outside of the plate. i cleaned it good and swabbed bore with wonderlube1000. i am going to try a few more shots tomorrow if possible . i used all new 777 powder pellets and new 209 primers. i am hoping to get a good group 1 to 1 and 1/2" above center at 50 yards. thank you all for your info and help.
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