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Constantly shooting up and to the left?

So I had a range visit today. Shot roughly 400 rounds.

Gun is a Taurus 24/7 Pro in .40
10 yards at full life size target
Ammo: Winchester 165 grain FMJ

The sights are on dead exactly. I put the gun in a rest, and it is exactly where a Heine sight should be. Took a little while to get it right left to right, but it is dead on.

I'm shooting at 10 yards, and about 1 1/2 inches up and to the left.

First shot is always dead on, then they start to travel.

No rapid shots, no double taps.

Now after a good volley, I will remove the magazine, cycle the action and dry fire. I'm actually dipping the gun down to the right in anticipation of the recoil. How am I still shotting up to the left?

I have a tight group, just not where I want it.

I'm not one who wants to shoot competitively, and if you look at my targets, I'm pretty deadly, hitting any vital areas I aim at (heart, gut organs, head).

Another problem is after about 20 rounds, I'll get a random shot waaay left. I've practiced my technique, I'm holding the weapon properly, trying to keep a loose grab on it, and let the gun do what it wants to do. I've tried the death grip and it does not work for me. I prefer to hold it a little loose. Like a wet bar of soap. That way the gun will move where it needs to move, but getting back on target is something I just can't seem to do.

Now I am new to shooting, and have put close to 4000 rounds threw my pistol as of tonight. I'm afraid that practicing is going to do nothing for me, as if I'm doing it the wrong way, I'm just going to keep learning the wrong way and correcting it later will just become more difficult.

There is really nowhere around me that offers classes in my price range. I can always goto blackwater, but my god their classes are expensive.

I've seen a target posted here before, with a "pie chart" type grid laying out what's happening when your bullets are trailing in that direction. No luck finding it though.

Any suggestions?
-Taurus 24/7 Pro Stainless in .40 S&W
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