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i bought a box of sabots. t/c brand cheap shot. 240 lead hp bullet.

hopefully be able to try them in the morning. my dad bought a few packs of powerbelts to try too.

i heard the 777 is good but dirty. shot 4 loads of them and 4 loads of the pyrodex pellets that were old from 2001. at 50 yards the first 2 misfired. i tried 2 of the old loads. the fired good. but bullet went high then low. i shot some at 25 yards thinking maybe its the scope. i put 2 right next each other in a 9 inch paper plate. to the left 1 inch of center and 3 inches above center.

the rifle was'nt to bad cleaning. i ran 3 hot soapy soaking wet patches through the barrel. first 1 was coal black the other 2 weren't too bad . i did'nt even have to use the bore brush. will post results after trying the sabots.

if this don't work. i am gonna have to use a cva hawken hunter, or missouri ranger rifle. with open sights. both haven't been fired in over 5 years.
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