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Oh jeez, Gunny! I gotta tell you a story about emus. As you know, I used to be a crew member (sensop operator) on the A-model C-130 Spectre Gunship (AC-130A). We flew out of Eglin Aux Fld 3 (Duke Fld), in Florida, near Fort Walton Beach.

There was a guy with an emu farm that was close to the reservation border, up near I-10. We spotted these things and went to investigate (a little too low, I'll admit) the "ostrich farm". Well, to make a long story short, these emus freaked and started running all over the place (they were fenced in) and several of them committed suicide by crashing headlong into the fence at full throttle (breakneck speed, as it were)! The pilot got called in to the commander's office and got a thrashing over the incident and wouldn't go near the place until he was about to leave the unit. Then he went on a strafing run again. You should have seen those buggars scatter!

I don't how much $$ the emu farmer got out of the gov't for his dead emus, but I'm sure it was ample. Price of emu meat went down for a week or two, too. He finally got out of the business. Gov't is slow to pay, don't you know! HaaaaaaaaHaHa!
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