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I may agree it's not best for here, particularly since it is on another board. I've let it run here a bit to see what, if any, interest might result with a little time. If you wish to lock this - or delete, please do.

You bring up a good point. I am nagged, though, about 3rd party intervention ... not in a silly way of butting in, but when the BG is downright threatening life of another person (not me). I see no reason to interrupt a robbery, for instance, since there's insurance for that - but to not interrupt a dangerous threat to another's life will bug me.

I've been studying VA statutes and they do not spell out GG (Good Guy) stuff, only what to expect if you are a BG - I suppose if I think real hard I can see some reasoning for that, but it tends (my thought) to leave the GG guessing - and hoping - he's right. Nothing even intimating "Good Samaritan" and only a very few items containing "defending own person/property". Ideas anyone?

Anyway, folks ... thanks for the soapbox, I appreciate all the input - I'm learning.

Andy Barr
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