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(I posted the following as a reply in General Discussion/"TX-CHL Holder being hung out to dry". I later realized that it may get little attention there since the subject has been discussed for some time and many would not normally revisit it. I know that the Legal & Political forum is available but a cursory review shows topic diversity and I think deadly force, as an informative discussion subject, is both important and topical for the times - it should be well received. I didn't open a new topic in General Discussion for I thought it best to pass it by here first.)

The use (or not) of deadly force is an important subject, made most important with the diversity of state and local statute.

Perhaps deadly force could be a forum of its own on TFL. In the short time I've been a member, I've come to respect the insight and depth of thinking shown here. The analysis and opinion reflected in this thread (TX-CHL Holder being hung out to dry) is an example - not only opinion, but quick research of fact to support further discussion.

A forum dedicated to deadly force may help us, and those who just visit, to know and understand both their responsibilities and their rights in these situations.

I am sure that we will learn much about laws respecting deadly force across the country and those cases that arise from its use. And what is learned here may well save a life ... in more ways than one.

Andy Barr
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