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hogdon pyrodex 50 grain pellets. 2 per loading
250 grain lead R.E.A.L. bullet
federal shotgun 209 primer
bore clean and heavily swabbed with wonderlube.

(my fault for not looking. normally its a light swab of it.)

capped 2 times before loading, always

i looked at paperwork inside pellet box. a few hours ago. it says if i use lead conical bullets i must use a wad between powder and bullet. otherwise what happened will happen. called local shop they don't carry them. suggested sabots. was thinking of getting some to tryout. was told because of the 1-28" twist of the barrel the sabots are better than lead ball or bullets. the rifle was designed for them he also said.

i just bought today CCI 209 shogun primers
1 box of 777 powder pellets

will be going to store in the morning to look at sabots. he has a cheapshot brand in 240 grain lead bullet in a plastic sabot. 20 pack for 6.95.

an idea i have is can i just use a patch with a little bit of wonderlube on it. between the powder and the bullet? what i don't really understand is. back in 2001 my father and i sighted the rifles in with the lead bullets. sighted in 2 inches high and 50 yards. the shots that fired right the other day went 2inches high and 1 and 1/2 inches left. shooting at 50 yards. why then was there no trouble but last year there is? and this year?
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