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I'm telling you all now, if you keep going I won't have to go to the Dr. tomorrow to have these staples removed because they will be all popped out from laughing at you.

Well you know I am just a little shy demeured Missouri girl, if you don't believe me just look at my picture and it tells just how sweet I am. LOL

Sensop, Gunslinger isn't guilty for any of this but there is one person on the forum that could hold some responsibility for the inflating part but I wouldn't mention HER name because she is as innocent as me. LOL

Dennis, chains and whips?????????? HUH?????? Sounds kind of kinky, never heard nothing like this, maybe we need a demonstration, but of course Gunslinger being a retired police officer I could possibly find a some handcuffs around here if you need to borrow them. LOL

Sensop, about the one arm fiddle player it diffently isn't something that can be wrote it is diffently a in person scene. LOL

Well I'm leaving you all with these thoughts, I haven't had this much fun since I was in school. LOL Can't hardly wait till August, and I think I will go get me a motel room that weekend and hide. LOL

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