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You have to realize that it took YEARS of closed door deliberations to come up with the Forums we have now. IMO I think it is broke down correctly. Any further "sub-catagories" would just muddy the waters. However, just for you I'll put it before the committee... if you order a Shiloh Sharps now you should get your answer around the same time you get your rifle (and hey... you may even be able to post in a new Forum about receiving it!)

First we'd have semi/bolt/block/break-open, then we could sub catagorize them like -semi - wood stock, plactic stock black and green, then down by manufacturer, then down by model. No.

The principles of shooting a rifle are the same no matter what the action/stock. I think it best to leave the three main catigories Rifle, Shotfun, Pistol with sub-catagories (kind of of Full Auto, Hunt, CAS).

Also, I don't do Dave. Attack Mole UP!

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