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Just for the record, I'm not bitching here! It's just for your consideration Schnitt, George, Mal, DC and the rest ... (Ooops, correction: Scmitt. Darn. SCHMITT. There. ... damn it! Schmit. Sorry, Dave.)

In the Art of the Rifle Forum, I have noticed in my short tenure as a registered member that I have to wade through the "Black Rifle" threads to ferret out the threads about real rifles. Maybe this is just a personal thing, but I wish the semi-auto shooters had their own forum. 10-22s, FALs, ARs, M-1s, all of them. That's rifle shooting, I guess, but it takes a stretch of my imagination to take them as seriously as, say a Mauser or Remington bolt action, or a Rolling Block, or even a simple break-open NEF. Just a semi-auto thread, not a thread for every brand and type of action.

I have been to the Close Quarters Alternative Whatever Forum once, the Shotgun Forum maybe twice and the Full Auto Forum maybe once, I think. 'Just don't have much use for them. But the Rifle and Handgun Forums are What It's All About (just me?). Of course, in the Handgun Forum, I'd take everything that had polymer in the manufacture and put it in one forum for Plastic and all the Wood and Steel handguns and put them in the Real Handguns Forum.

I can't post in this here forum without some fun, but I'm serious about the separation of the semi-auto posters into another Forum. You'll fix this today, right? ... ... Thanks, I'll feel a lot better.

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