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Going to the dogs? Could be!

My neighbor took his wife to the hairdresser but he had to wait in the car and
Rottweiler hair was being done. I bet it took a long time because she’s a
Wire-haired Fox.

He's originally from Europe. He was a German Shepherd but got fired for
listening to the radio on the job. (He just loves piano music by that Great
Dane, Victor Borge.) So he came to America on a sports scholarship and
became a Boxer.

He also used to rodeo! He was a semi-pro Bulldogger but took to drinking
and became an alcoholic. Eventually he was able to Whippet. Now he won’t
fly because they serve alcohol on the plane, so he travels by Greyhound.

Personally, I haven’t met his wife but he said he’d Pointer out to me. She’s a
bit of a snob and brags about her holy uncle - Saint Bernard.

They have a big house and had two butlers - an Englishman and an Eskimo.
They had to fire the Eskimo for chewing tobacco in the house. He Spitz and
leaves Poodles everywhere.

His wife threatened to fire the maid, but he promised he’d Retriever. No
wonder, the maid is a beautiful lady from Stettin who is proud of being a
Pomeranian. But his wife still Hounds him about the maid. He should Setter
down and tell her who’s providing the Chow for the entire household.

Either that or, the next time they go boating, he should tie her to the Mastiff
she continues to be a bitch. Let her sail off by herself to Chihuahua.

You’re right. Things just get Harrier all the time.
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